Rashes can be caused by many factors, some are curable and others can only be managed but not resolved fully. Some come once and never show again, others flare up when a person is stressed or unwell. 

Rash can be a sensitive subject, and the following information aims solely to give an idea about what rash could be caused by, if they only appear on the feet and ankles. If you have a rash that involves your feet and ankles as well as any other part of your body, then contact your GP.

Seek help immediately if you have a rash AND any of the following symptoms:
• The rash you have doesn’t fade when you press a glass on it.
• Your neck feels stiff
• You are bothered by light
• You feel confused, hazy, shaking
• You feel feverish
• Your feet and hands feel unexpectedly cold

What can cause a rash? 

The most common rashes in an healthy young person are usually caused by heat, sweat, or a reaction to laundry detergent, fabric softener, or specific materials such as wool or synthetic clothing.

Other causes of rash can be:

- Bacterial

- Viral

- Fungal 

- Allergic reactions to food

- Autoimmune (e.g. psoriasis or eczema)

- Caused by parasites (e.g. Scabies)

If you have a rash on your foot, ankle or leg which is cause of concern, do not hesitate to contact us.