Athlete's Foot

Also known as Tinea Pedis, Athlete's Foot is a fungal, contagious condition that, once is contracted, is not easy to get rid of, unless a strict regime is followed.

It appears usually as cracked skinbetween the toes (as it is a warm and moist environment for fungi to thrive), but can also appear on top of the toes or under the foot. It usually appears red and scaly, and very itchy!

How is it contracted?

Usually it is contracted by walking bare-footed in communal areas such as changing rooms, communal showers and swimming pools. If you have an old carpet in your house, that may be a culprit, as carpets are not too easy to clean thoroughly.

How do I prevent it? 

- Always wear flip flops when walking in a communal areas such as changing rooms, public showers, or swimming pools.

- Change socks regularly, especially after exercising.

If I have it, how do I prevent it from spreading?

- Don't walk bare footed around the house.

- After a shower or bath, rinse the tub thoroughly and disinfect it.

- After a bath or shower use kitchen roll to dry your feet, and dry well between toes.

- Change socks daily.

- Use an antibacterial (such as Dettol for laundry) in your washing, if you don't have sensitive skin.

How do I get rid of it?

There are sprays and powders that you can apply inside your shoes, and creams that claim to work in just one application. It is a matter trial and error!

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