Treatments offered:

We offer a full range of foot treatments, from routine care with a relaxing foot soak leading on to full foot consultation and treatment, finishing with a revitalizing foot massage, to biomechanics assessment and insoles prescription.

We also specialize in skincare treatments for the foot and body, as well as nutrition, health and well being. 

Nail cut & File: 

A luxury experience while getting your routine nail cut: a perfect treatment for those who find it difficult to cut their own toe nails.

Diabetic Assessment:

This service includes a vascular and neuropathic assessment for patients with diabetes and it is usually carried out once a year. Complimentary with routine care.

Why is your podiatrist important, if you have diabetes?

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Callous/hard skin removal: 

Reduction of all hard skin, corns and verrucae that may be present.

Dermatological treatments: 

Treatment of common foot problems such as Athlete's foot, verrucae, and other conditions of the skin of the foot and ankle. Our podiatrists are fully registered for administration and supply of some prescription- only medicines.

Non- surgical nail treatments:

We treat an array of nail conditions, including nail involution, ingrown toenails, onychauxic nails and fungal nails.

Biomechanical Assessment:  

Muskuloskeletal examination and advice for the rehabilitation of soft-tissue injuries of the foot and ankle, for example plantar fasciitis, as well as a wide range of orthitics, available for adults and children.


We now offer corticosteroids injection therapy for those with muskuloskeletal or arthritic pain. 

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Biomechanical assessment for children: 

A thorough assessment will be carried out, addressing any concern that parents may have regarding their child's feet. We strive to follow updated research studies to offer the best advice and treatment.

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Kinesiology taping: 

If needed, it will be complimentary with the biomechanical assessment.

Dry needling: 

A successful treatment for verrucas. It can be carried out with or without anaesthesia.

Nail Surgery:

Nail surgery consists in the partial or total removal of one or more toenails with the use of local anaesthesia. It includes a complimentary dressing follow up.

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Lower leg massage: 

An hour long deep tissue massage from hips to toes. An excellent way to release tension and relax the muscles.

Pressure point foot massage: 

This massage lasts 30 minutes and is both pleasurable and therapeutic. It can help relieve pain, improve circulation and channel the flow of energy.  

Are your feet holiday- ready? 

Get ready for your holiday with an hour-long treatment: starting with a soothing, warm soak, followed by a nail cut, hard skin removal and a relaxing massage.

All Treatments start from just £25 you can 


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