Achille's Tendinitiis: causes, treatments and rehabilitation.

Tendonitiis is a term used when a tendon becomes inflamed and swollen after an injury. An injury does not necessarily happen as a consequence of a sudden trauma, but could be stress on the site of pain over an extended period of time, for example when practicing a sport like running.

The Achille's Tendon is the biggest tendon in the body, it is found behind the ankle and it feels like a very tight rope, hence it carries a lot of weight and responsibility! 

In the picture on your left you can see where the Achilles tendon is situated. Please not that rupture of the tendon is rare, but if you think you may have ruptured it contact us, your GP, or a minor injury unit.

Why is it easily injured? Possible causes of Achille's Tendonitis:

This tendon can get injured when a person starts strenuous exercising without previous build-up, often not following the right warm-up, cool-down and stretching regime.

The structure of the foot can also influence the pressure exerted on the tendon, making it more susceptible to injury.

How do I know it is the tendon inflamed? 

- The pain is stronger in the tendon area.

- You may feel a crackling sensation when you flex your ankle.

- You may feel a lump along the tendon.

- The are may be swollen, red and hot.

Treatment: Your podiatrist will assess with you the degree of injury, tailoring the right exercise and rehabilitation regime around it.

The initial steps you will need to take will involve rest, elevating the foot and ice-packing.

Once you can start moving the foot and ankle without excessive pain, start flexing the foot gently, to prevent the tendon from becoming stiff.

Consult your Podiatrist or Pharmacist for pain relief solutions.

What NOT to do if you have injured your Achilles Tendon:

- Avoid exercise that put pressure/ train on the foot and ankle.

- Do not massage the area.

-Do not follow any stretching exercises if the site of injury is too sore. You Podiatrist will assess the situation with you during your appointment.

- Avoid heat, including hot baths.

Further questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!